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AGI Serif

To complete their font collection for web applications in time for the next fiscal quarter, AGI had me design 3 text fonts over the course of 2 months—no easy task. I quickly developed a sketch showing some key characters and the essential serif style. This was approved and the go ahead with development was given. After scanning a few starting letters I drew the rest of the font all in Fontlab Studio. The result was a clean and legible classically styled serif font that met both their goals and timeline.

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AGI Sans

The goal: Three text fonts completed in two months time.One of the most critical text fonts for fulfilling AGI's font collection deadline was a sans. They needed a straightforward sans serif in the vein of Helvetica and Arial. I developed some basic characters in the neo-grotesque style, but added a few contemporary touches. I also kept the widths a bit narrower while keeping counters open enough for legibility. Being my first sans serif I spent a lot of extra time researching and adjusting every node to get a clean balanced design that would hold up well on screen.

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AGI Typewritter

There are tons of typewriter fonts out there and several that are specifically used as text fonts. Typically when you think of typewriter fonts, images of old manually operated machines come to mind. These are based on a monospaced character style; meaning the lowercase i is equal in width to the lowercase m. This is one model, but when further questioned I discovered AGI was more interested in something along the lines of American Typewriter where the characters are designed more proportionally to allow for greater readability in long text settings. I developed a letter style somewhere between American Typewriter and a Clarendon. It was approved and turned out a success.

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AGI Handwriting

At the same time that I was assigned the 3 text fonts for AGI's web collection a director from the website development team contacted me about designing a casual handwriting font for use on their website. We discussed the look and feel of this and I generated a number of samples. After many rounds and adjustments we settled on a look and I developed this alongside the three text fonts. Because this one would be both interactive along with some manual settings in Illustrator, I added a number of extra features like ligatures and alternate letters to allow for more customized settings. The result was a font with some personality that gave a friendly welcoming feel to customers.

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AGI recently need to update their type for Jacquie Lawson ecards. The previous version had a multitude of problems requiring a complete overhaul. I asked for a sample from Jacquie to use. Her first sample was an attempt to mimic what she thought the letters should look like in the font. That sample seemed labored and stiff. In order to get a more natural and uninhibited flow for the script I asked her to just write me some notes about the font. Although the second image was too low in quality to bother scanning, I was able to visually determine a direction from this and capture a better image of her handwriting.

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Line Dance

Linda Price is a lettering artist at American Greetings whose work with scripts is outstanding. Line Dance is a monoline handwriting design she was using extensively. The font was also selected for the Letter Arts Review Annual. My part was digitizing it in FontLab and programming features to capture the best typographic flow.

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Rough Draft Pro

While working as a lettering artist for American Greetings I found planners were asking for an antique handwriting style which was not available within our licensed font collections. After hand lettering a few cards in this style I suggested creating our own proprietary version. Since the script needed a more loose textural feel, rather than resorting to writing with a feather quill I chose a pointed sable brush. Rough Draft Pro was American Greeting's first Open Type proprietary font and contains advanced feature programming and about 400 glyphs.

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Vickery Script

Maureen Vickery is a talented calligrapher from Houston specializing in wedding calligraphy. Her company Pendance offers computer generated designs as a lower cost alternative to traditional calligraphy. I worked with Maureen to create an extensive script font with over 1000 letters to cover a wide range of options for stationery and invitation design that look like they were hand lettered. To see more of her work:

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Hollie Hobbie journal

Hollie Journal was created for licensing to Nickelodeon for the American Greetings updated version of Hollie Hobbie. They wanted a friendly simple handwritten style suitable for various applications. Proprietary - Not for Sale

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During a period where American Greetings was exploring more trend based designs I created hand lettering for a card design that was both humorous and trendy. The lettering for that design was used to create Chatter. Rather than your typical Regular, Bold, etc… Chatter comes in Regular, Loud, Soft, and Clean. Proprietary - Not for Sale

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